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Monitor developments and technologies around the world, this means and technologies to the electronics industry for 40 years GoldMaster which, without compromising on quality most useful to consumers, offering clear and modern products. 40 years ago, Turkey's first electric household appliances GoldMaster, one of the producers, after the leadership in the electronics retail since 2010. Small Electrical Appliances developing its product range with Medisana distributor in the production and health groups. goldmaster, do it with the right investment, Turkey's close to the consumers with more than 700 service points that it has established all over the always struggling for better service and quality. goldmaster, satellite receiver anywhere in Turkey and known by everyone in the electronics industry and in Turkey as a trusted brand and the first in the world with innovative products and maintains its presence with a wide assortment of product groups. GoldMaster set of production and R & D strength with consumers one step ahead of many international brands at great speed and the most advanced technology in the world in the electronics field offers to consumers in Turkey and the world. While closely follow technology trends, and products serving the global manufacturing standards; innovative, leading and providing customers with the understanding that sacrificing quality production to create the design philosophy of Turkey's leading electronics brand GoldMaster has about 4,000 outlets under its roof. Goldmaster between product groups; digital satellite systems, HD satellite receivers, car audio and video systems, navigation systems, DVD-HD MediaPlayer, MP3 MP4 players, tablet, mobile phone, digital camera and camcorder, home theater systems, audio systems, small electric household appliances, living comfort products, health products, glassware products, lED lighting products, giftware products, security systems, satellites as accessories, computers and peripherals, and other electronic products takes place.



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